Our payroll division handles all aspects of payroll processing - issuing salary slips, payment of salaries and ongoing follow-up.
Our payroll services are tailored precisely to our clients' needs and scope of activity. We provide services at all levels, ranging from the individual employee to the needs of large industrial plants employing workers at different levels of pay (monthly, daily, hourly etc).

Salary processing is a dynamic field requiring constant updating due to frequent changes in the regulations governing terms of employment, social benefits, tax issues, opening and closing of bank accounts, military reserve duty, pregnancy and maternity leave arrangements, sick leave, work injuries and other matters. Our payroll division receives regular updates from various sources and we make every effort to keep our employees and our clients informed of the latest changes, thus ensuring accurate and updated processing which allows our clients to continue with business as usual while we handle this challenging area of operations.

Our payroll controllers can provide non-legal solutions to questions based on labor laws (vacations, illness, severance pay, work hours and similar issues). Where needed, we can refer our clients directly for specialised legal advice.

Our office provides escrow bank account services so that all payments (salaries, taxes, social benefits, loans and repayments, reimbursement for expenses and so forth) can be processed via these accounts.

In addition to the monthly salary slips, we produce payment reports for various beneficiaries as well as periodic reports detailing vacations, severance pay and other payments as required.