Yosef Shimony (b.1943), obtained his accountant license in 1976 and founded the firm in 1978. Mr Shimony established the firm's bookkeeping division, focusing on international companies operating in Israel. He has been an active partner in providing accounting services to start-up companies since the early 1980's. Expert in preparing arbitration and accounting reviews required by the courts.




Dady Zamir (b. 1958), obtained his accountant license in 1986 and became a partner in the firm that same year. Mr Zamir established the payroll processing division, focusing on executive salaries at several of Israel's largest companies. He is involved in the major tax consulting services offered by the firm to both individual clients and companies, and has been the partner responsible for services to international clients for many years.





Itay Weinstein (b. 1971), licensed accountant since 1999 and a partner at Shimony since 2002. Mr Weinstein established the CFO services division as well as the outsourcing controller division, which provides services to a wide range of companies, particularly in the areas of hi-tech, biotech and oil and gas exploration. In recent years this division has accompanied several major exits of various start-ups, transactions valued at hundreds of millions of dollars each. Mr Weinstein serves as the controller / CFO of three public companies and is responsible for preparing prospectuses, the raising of capital and the implementation of SOX processes in Israel and abroad.



Nir Ben-Yosef (b. 1975), licensed accountant since 2003 and partner at Shimony since 2011. Mr Ben-Yosef is the director of the professional department in the office and provides advisory services to our clients, including public companies, in the areas of Israeli and international accounting (IFRS regulations). Highly experienced and specialized in business consulting for individuals and companies, the application and implementation of ISOX processes and the preparing of Due Diligence reports for companies prior to their acquisition.


Partner in the firm since 2022, born in 1981. Manages the CFO Services Department and Outsourced Accounting in the firm and serves as  the Finance Manager of the firm's startup and high-tech clients. He has extensive experience and knowledge in businesses accompaniment and finance departments management in companies and is an expert in the Venture Capital field, grants, accounting standards, budget and  cash flow management and support in IPO/merger processes.