Individual Taxation

In addition to the well-known and complex business frameworks (companies, non-profit organisations, cooperative associations and others), the correct handling of taxation issues for individuals connected to these organisations is of great importance. We offer expert advice and support on a wide range of tax -related issues, including:

Correct tax planning during employment and on retirement;

Maximising tax benefits for the spouse even if he/she is an employee;

The ability to weigh up the advantages of being self-employed as compared to setting up a company;

The expertise required to deal with sources of income outside Israel;

The special care required in the establishment of trusts for the benefit of other individuals;

Professional handling of donation-related tax benefits;

Deposits for pension payments and for disability insurance;

Investments by individuals in R&D companies.

Our expert attention to these and other issues enable each individual to find optimal solutions while dealing with the complex taxation regulations.

Our payroll division's comprehensive processing of salary and benefits issues, as well as the preparation of personal income tax reports and statements of assets and liabilities as required, provide a major advantage for every individual who requires assistance in these specialised areas.